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Safety Tips

We all share the responsibility to keep our roadways safe. To save lives, we have to watch out for each other! 

light skinned woman driving car. text reads Driver Safety

Driver Safety Tips

  • Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks; it is the law!
  • Speed kills! Obey all speed limits. A pedestrian hit by a car going 40 mph has an 85% chance of being killed. At 20 mph the risk is reduced to 5%.
  • Avoid distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Stay alert and share the road.
  • Give bikes at least four feet when it is safe to do so. 
  • Don’t rely on eye contact to confirm that a cyclist or pedestrian sees you. They might not. It’s safer to assume they don’t see you.

Person walking wearing reflectors. Text reads walking safety.

Walking/Rolling Safety Tips

  • Use sidewalks whenever possible.
  • If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far from the roadway as you can.
  • Be bright at night with reflective gear and flashlights.
  • Limit distractions and impairment while navigating roadways.
  • Cross in well-lit areas with the best view of traffic.
  • At a bus stop: cross behind the bus or in the crosswalk.
  • Watch for cars, bikes and other vehicles – because they might not be watching for you.

Family of dark skinned people biking. Text reads Biking Safety.

Biking Safety Tips

  • Follow the rules of the road as though you were a car.
  • Be predictable and use hand signals.
  • Ride in the same direction as vehicle traffic.
  • Wear a helmet correctly on every ride to help prevent head injury. Helmets work only if you wear them correctly. 
  • Ride as far to the right as is safe. If there’s no bike lane, ride in the travel lane when necessary for your safety.
  • Be bright at night with reflective gear and bike lights.