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Safe Streets for All

Dark skinned youth in wheelchair, multi-racial children on bikes, vermont road in fall

Watch for Me VT: a Statewide Driver, Pedestrian, and Cyclist Safety Program

We all share the responsibility to keep our roadways safe. To save lives, we have to watch out for each other!

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury in Vermont. People walking, biking and rolling are more vulnerable to injuries and death from vehicles when using our roadways. In Vermont, an average of 6 pedestrians die on our roads each year, and around 130 are hospitalized. An average of 1 cyclist dies on our roads each year, and around 171 are hospitalized. But these deaths do not impact populations across Vermont equally. From 2011-2020, 51% of pedestrians killed on our roadways were 60+.

But, these injuries and deaths are preventable. The Watch for Me VT is a statewide campaign aimed at reducing the number of bicyclist and pedestrian injuries and deaths on our roadways through awareness, education, and enforcement. Learn more about the Watch for Me VT program and find more information on how to walk, drive and ride your bike safely by checking out crash data, toolkits, resources on these webpages.

For more information on active and safe transportation for youth and families through your local Safe Routes to School and Way to Go! to School programs.

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