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Pedestrian Safety Month 2022 – Social Media & Outreach Toolkit

Person walking across crosswalk. Text reads: October is Pedestrian Safety Month

October is Pedestrian Safety Month. The personal, physical and environmental benefits of walking can lead to healthier, quieter, cleaner, and safer streets. Walking and biking can also improve local economies and enhance social and community engagement, leading to more vibrant, resilient, and livable spaces.

Unfortunately, in 2020 there were 6,516 pedestrians killed in the United States. That is 18 pedestrians a day and 125 pedestrians a week. On average, a pedestrian was killed every 81 minutes and injured every 10 minutes in traffic crashes in 2020. In Vermont, an average of 6 pedestrians die on our roads each year and around 130 are hospitalized. An average of 1 cyclist dies on our roads each year and around 171 are hospitalized. But these deaths do not impact populations across Vermont equally. From 2011-2020, 51% of pedestrians killed on our roadways were 60+.

Help spread the word about how to walk, ride your bike, and drive safely during October and beyond. For questions regarding the toolkit and/or images, please contact

Download the Toolkit!              Download the Social Media Graphics